Handwritten Maths Notes (Complete) in Hindi PDF


Today I have brought for you ” Handwritten Maths Notes (Complete) ” PDF of our language in Hindi It notes’ Mr. Ashish Chandra ‘has been compiled by the simple words that have compiled all the concepts of Maths with Examples, which are especially useful for preparing Maths topics, all asked in General Competitions. If you are preparing for any one-day exam, then you can read these notes to understand Maths topic more thoroughly. Download Button is given below, from which you can download the PDF of this Notes.


1-Number System (संख्या पद्धति) 
2-Simplification (सरलीकरण) 
3-Decimal and Fraction (दशमलव एवं भिन्न) 
4-HCF and LCM (लघुतम एवं महत्तम समापवर्त्य) 
5-Ration and Proportion (अनुपात एवं समानुपात) 
6-Percentage (प्रतिशतता)
7-Profit and Loss (लाभ एवं हानि) 
8-Discount (छूट)
9-Simple Intrest (साधारण ब्याज) 
10-Partnership (साक्षेदारी)
11-Average (औसत) 
12-Time and Work (समय एवं कार्य) 
13-Time and Distance (समय एवं दूरी) 
14-Use of Tables and Graphs (सारणी और ग्राफ का प्रयोग) 
15-Mensuration (क्षेत्रमिति)
16-Miscellaneous (विविध)
Handwritten Maths Notes

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